Friday, May 29, 2009

Texas scores one for science

The Texas State Senate has decided not to confirm young earth creationist lunatic and Texas state board of education member (cringe), Don McLeroy (R, of course). The decision stems from McLeroy's position toward evolutionary biology - scientists are "atheists," parents who urge their children to learn about evolution are "monsters," and pastors who support evolutionary research are "morons."

Spoken like a true creationist.

There isn't enough ridicule that this man can bring upon himself. Let's be glad that there is hope for rationality in the Lone Star state.

On the downside, South Carolina senator, Michael Fair (R, of course) has introduced Senate Bill 873 in an attempt to "examine all curriculum in use in this State that purports to teach students about the origins of mankind to determine whether the curriculum maintains neutrality toward religion."

Let's just hope the members of the South Carolina State Senate are as smart as their Texas counterparts.

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