Friday, June 17, 2011

A message for you, Gov. Christie.

I came across this clip today by one of my friends on Facebook. My friend stated that New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, should run for president and that this clip proves that Christie is a genius. I watched the video, and I'm absolutely dumbstruck.

Christie is co-host of "Christie: On the Line", a televised program where he takes questions from viewers on the air. One such caller named Gail recently asked Christie why he wants to cut funding for public education, while sending his children to a private school. Not an unreasonable question, right?

Not if you're Chris Christie. Watch Christie's reaction below:

Did you notice that Christie did everything except answer the question?

Gail didn't ask you why you send your kids to private school, asshole. She simply asked why you want to cut spending for public education while you send your kids to a private school. That's it. There was absolutely nothing offensive or inappropriate about her question. You're just angry that somebody actually called you out on your bullshit. You're right -- where you choose to send your kids to school is none of her business. But it is her business that you chose to cut spending for public school, and that concern was at the heart of her question.

Is this how you always treat the people in your state, governor? Just blow off a reasonable question while slamming the person asking the question? Then again, should I be surprised that this is the way a Christian Republican treats people?

If I were the Governor of Pennsylvania and I treated any Pennsylvanian this way, I'd likely be tossed out of Harrisburg at the end of my first term.

Please, governor, display your genius to your constituency and the rest of America by explaining how cutting funding for public education is going to improve the quality of education in New Jersey, or any state for that matter. That is, of course, after you're done explaining why you used a NJ State Police helicopter to get to your son's baseball game.

Chris Christie -- one more reason I'm glad I don't live in New Jersey.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Congratulations, Boston!

As the first round of the playoffs in the Prince of Wale...eerrrr...Eastern Conference commenced this season, this was how I thought things would turn out:

Pens over Lightning, Rangers over Caps, Sabres over Flyers, Canadiens over Bruins.

None of those predictions came to fruition. On to Round 2:

Capitals over Tampa Bay, Flyers over Bruins.

Neither of those predictions came to fruition. On to Round 3:

Lightning over Bruins.

Needless to say, the Bruins proved me very, very, very wrong. What can I say? I'm not that good at predicting Stanley Cup champions.

But you earned it, Boston. I'm an Pens fan, so don't get used to it - but congratulations on your first Cup in 38 years! If for no other reason than out of admiration for Mark Recchi.

Enjoy it while you can -- the next season starts in 4 months.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The floor is yours, Charles.

Welcome to my blog, Charles. Here you are welcome to say anything you wish, no matter how offensive. I believe in Freedom of Speech, and that it applies to all, no matter how much I disagree with their point of view.

I do not delete comments from visitors who come to my blog. As I stated at the Huffington Post, if you come here, I expect you to challenge me with any topic you choose. If you do not respond to the post you are reading, you forfeit the right to call me a coward by default. But I don't expect you to say something to the gist of "Hey, I made it. Coward. See ya." A little more substance than the posts you leave at the HuffPo will be appreciated.

Without further delay, I yield the floor. You may pick any topic you wish for discussion.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hey Thrashers fans - Boo-hoo!

After 12 years of bleeding the NHL dry, the Atlanta Thrashers are finally calling it a game and heading to Winnipeg. Although my wish that the Coyotes would head back to Winnipeg/Atlanta heading to Quebec didn't happen, I have to say I'm rather thrilled that the Thrashers are mere days away from being tossed into the ash heap of history.

Go ahead, call me any name you wish. I couldn't care less.

Thrashers fans have been crying and whining for over a decade now that the reason the Thrashers didn't take off so well is because they didn't have a decent owner. Whatever. You've been making excuse after excuse after excuse about why your team never got off the ground.

"But we never got a major network deal made..." As I stated in my post in January, the city of Atlanta already knows that they had an NHL team; the city doesn't need a major network deal to tell them that.

"But, we have the 8th largest television audience in the US..." Maybe now you will finally understand that increased population does not equate increased attendance to NHL games.

"But, we never had a great team..." Uh huh. You losers had players like Kovalchuk and Hossa and you still sucked. This was a coaching issue, not a players issue. Dan Bylsma is up for a Jack Adams award. You know why? Because he was able to maintain a winning record with a depleted offensive core and its two biggest stars, Crosby and Malkin, were injured. He was able to pull the best playing ability from each member of the Pens this year. No coach in the Thrashers organization has done that. Stop making up excuses about why your team sucked ass.

I've had to endure listening to "hockey fans" like Phil Foley blather on and on and on about poor ownership, major network deals, the NHL Constitution and NHL by-laws ad nauseum, and I kept telling people like Foley that nothing is going to save the Thrashers. For one reason and one reason only -- the Thrashers did not -- listen to me, now -- did not have the fan base!

Case in point:

"One season-ticket holder, Jennifer Mann of Dunwoody, Ga., organized an effort to get fans to sign petitions to four of the largest corporations headquartered in the region, some of whom are team sponsors – Chick-fil-A, Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Co. and UPS. The rally started at noon. Shortly before 3 p.m., Mann guessed that they had more than 100 signatures. She estimated 250 fans attended. Another estimate put the number at about 300."

So, if you're a Thrashers fan, stop blaming the fact that the Thrashers have gone the way of the dodo on crappy ownership. The Thrashers have cost the league millions of dollars, and were a nuisance to the rest of the NHL and its fans. Not because they were good, but because they we're just absolutely sick and tired of looking at them.

300 people at your rally? And you wonder why the Thrashers left?

So a traditional hockey market returns in Winnipeg while an experiment by Gary Bettman utterly failed (shock). I say, I'm glad the Thrashers are dead. With any luck, the Coyotes, Blue Jackets, Predators, Lightning, and Panthers will follow suit as they're folded and sent to Quebec where hockey belongs.

And the best news about the Thrashers leaving is that Atlanta won't get another NHL team for another 30 years.

So, good- bye, Thrashers. Welcome back, Jets!