Saturday, November 20, 2010

John embraces sex ed! (Sort of.)

If there really is a hell, it just dropped about ten full degrees.

You may recall in March 2009 when John Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, made the ridiculous, unsubstantiated claim that the use of condoms would only serve as a catalyst for the increased spread of AIDS throughout Africa. He even followed up said jackassery in September by urging Africans to pray for AIDS patients and forgo condoms to prevent the spread of the disease, as opposed to embracing education like the rest of the civilized world has.

Fast forward to today, as John has done a complete 120°. I can only assume that John has given in to the public outrage over the stupidity of the aforementioned use of condoms in Africa. But don't give him full credit for his sudden turn around. He says that condoms should not be used to prevent conception, but for preventing the spread of AIDS amongst male prostitutes.

Male prostitutes? Please. One would hope that he gives all sexually active Africans the green light on condoms in order to stem the spread of AIDS.

Eh, what the hell -- it's a start.

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