Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Okay, guys -- enough is enough.

First it was the Tea Party. Now it's the Occupy Whatever-neck-of-the-woods-you-happen-to-be-living-in Movement.

I'm going to say this to both parties. You have much more in common than you realize, but you're both going about it the wrong way. You clowns over in the Tea Party can peruse my blog to find out exactly what I think of you. But you goons over in the Occupy Movement, what do you really think will happen by taking a nice, steaming dump on some sidewalk in a public park? Or destroying public and private property (that would be property that does not belong to you)? Or murdering somebody? Or running around naked?

I'm all for free speech, the freedom of assembly, sticking up for the little guy and giving the finger to multi-national corporations like Monsanto, but what you're doing is wrong. There's nothing even remotely patriotic or American about stopping a local business from functioning, interrupting the free flow of goods to people, violence, and now, murder. What was once a movement that many Americans could identify with has become yet another social and civil rights embarrassment for the country, and it's only going to get worse.

And will you please stop referring to yourselves as the "99"? You're nowhere near that. You might be somewhere around 8% if you're lucky. Also, you would be wise to take a lesson from history; occupations always fail.

And you rightwingers thought I only spoke out about rightwing violence. Shame on you!

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