Friday, July 10, 2009

Attention, Mr. Boehner

House minority leader, John Boehner (R-Ohio) has been on the warpath against the president lately. On one hand, I can understand since he's trying desperately to hold his party together. At the same time, voters in Ohio are breathing down his neck, as well as the president's. The economic scene is bad in Pennsylvania, but it's even worse in Ohio. As a result, Boehner has attacked the stimulus package that the president has signed into law. I can understand Boehner's frustration - if I were him I'd be asking where the promised money is, too.

On the other hand, Congressman Boehner is annoying me simply by virtue of the fact that he's ignorant about the recent economic events not only in his own state, but his district as well.

Earlier in the week during an interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace, Boehner condemned the stimulus plan and claimed that the money was nowhere to be found. "The infrastructure dollars that were sent there months ago..there hasn't been a contract let, to my knowledge." So far at least $83 million dollars has been distributed to Ohio, with Boehner's own district receiving a significant amount of that money. That money is being used to fund 52 infrastructure projects.

Here in Pennsylvania $16 billion worth of stimulus money will be distributed.

Meanwhile, our fearless leader is under intense fire from Republicans and Democrats alike for refusing money for state universities - primarily Penn State, Pitt, and Temple. Pennsylvania hasn't had a budget since Rendell took office, and now he's kicking our most trusted learning institutions in the stomach. I can't think of one good thing this man has done since he moved to Harrisburg, other than help keep the Pens in Pittsburgh.

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