Sunday, July 12, 2009

No flyover for you!

I love the First Amendment. But I don't love when it's stretched out of context.

During the July 7th edition of Fox and Friends, anchor Gretchen Carlson and guest Patrick Mahoney took exception to the Pentagon's denial of a flyover request at the "God and Country Festival" at Nampa, Idaho. They're in a tizzy because this is the first time in 42 years that a flyover request has been denied, and apparently it's all Obama's fault.

Carlson read part of the Pentagon's response on air:

"Air Force and DoD policy prohibit support for events which appear to endorse, selectively benefit, or favor any special interest group, religious or ideological movement."

Carlson continued, "But Reverend Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition says the rally was not designed to promote any one religious faith, but rather to celebrate the troops."

A quick visit to the event's website proves otherwise:

The God and Country Festival in Nampa, Idaho is organized by a volunteer-driven organization called the God and Country Association, Inc. The organization is made up of Christians who are committed to strengthening the fabric of the Treasure Valley community through the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are also interested in helping believers around the nation get an independent God and Country event started. We believe that Christians in America should have a natural affection for their country because it was founded on the godly ideal that liberty is derived, n ot as a gift of governments and politicians, but as a gift of our Creator.

So much for that theory, Mr. Mahoney.

Carlson then asks, Maloney, "So, when I first read this story, I found it hard to believe. Because for 42 years at this rally in Idaho the Pentagon has authorized a flyover. Suddenly, this year, a new president in office, and a new policy. What do you make of it?"

There is no new policy, Ms. Carlson. It's just an old policy that is simply, finally, being enforced.

Mahoney responded, "Well, we're stunned actually. And it's a reminder that the Constitution promises freedom of religion, not freedom from religion."

The Constitution protects everyone, reverend. It is there to provide Americans with the freedom to worship however they choose - even if they choose not to. It protects, theists and non-theists alike. It protects Christians, Jews, Wiccans, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, deists, and even Satanists. If you don't like this, perhaps you should leave the country.

By the way, Mahoney is the same clown that paid a visit to Obama's office in July 2008 when he was still a senator. Mahoney showed up with this sign.


So, I have a question for Carlson, Mahoney, and other fundamentalists like them - how would you like for tax payer money to be spent on the Thunderbirds having a flyover at an Islamic rally, or even a Satanic rally? It makes all of you very nervous, doesn't it?

Here is the rest of the response letter from the Pentagon that Carlson didn't want you to read:

Thank you for your request for Air Force aviation support during God and Country Festival on 01 Jul 2009 in Nampa, ID.

We have carefully reviewed this particular event. As you may recall from the request form's instructions, the Department of Defense (DoD) authorizes the Air Force to participate in flyovers for those recognition events held in direct support of the five patriotic holidays (Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW-MIA Day and Veterans Day) and for aviation-related events, such as airshows and airport dedications. Sporting events that fall on one of the five patriotic holidays mentioned above are not considered to be events held in direct support of a holiday commemoration and will require a waiver.

Your Air Force aviation support request doesn't fall into either approved category, as such, we are unable to approve it. Air Force and DoD policy prohibit support for events which appear to endorse, selectively benefit, or favor any special interest group, religious or ideological movement.

With an increasingly high operations tempo and limited resources to meet our training and operational commitments, we are required to take a hard look at all of our requests and carefully follow our policies and guidelines. In denying your request, we are not questioning the worthiness of the event, but rather enforcing DoD and Air Force policy to preserve the operational and training requirements of our aviation units and to practice the prudent stewardship of taxpayer-financed resources.

We hope that you can appreciate and understand our position. We believe that your event will, nevertheless, be a success. Any further questions can be referred to me at 703-695-9664.

Tech. Sgt. Roy Utley

Aviation Support
703-695-9664 Phone
703-693-9601 Fax

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