Monday, August 3, 2009


Poor Kent Hovind.

Sitting in jail for fraud and stealing from the government and ripping off his employees. Not only does he have about 7 years left on his sentence, but a federal judge has given the green light for the Feds to seize his creationist ermm...ahem, "theme park" for restitution. $430,400 and change. Ouch!

I seem to remember Ray saying something a few weeks ago about money being well spent on scientific research. I agree. I say the Feds should give that money to the National Science Foundation for research into evolutionary biology. That would be money well spent.

Whaddya think, Ray?


Alanrd67 said...

He makes really cool paper airplanes...I know that sounds strange...but it's true.

He is in jail for standing up for something he feels strongly about.

I believe if certain things continue going the way they do Christian or not...people will have to make a choice as to whether they are willing to serve time as well.

With that said, I will not say if all he is doing is for noble or Christian beliefs.

I do not say.

Many of his reasonings for "Creation Science" are rather thought provoking.

I do not defend every "Intelligent Design theory" any more than I think Evolutionists defend every "Evolutionary theory" is redundant to believe they can all be right.

Matt said...

No, Alan. He's in jail because he's a con artist. He actually thinks he can get away without paying taxes because he's employed by God, whatever that means.

Alanrd67 said...

Honestly, I don't know his heart or motive. In any realm money can cause people to do strange things.

It's certainly causing our gov't some issues right now...and (yes) for a while.

Most people know this yet the Bible is so strong about money's ability to cause us to lie, steal, cheat etc...and for many ministers that manipulate for more money where the Bible (does) have strong warnings, as well as, penalties...convinces me that a man who would condone financial manipulation would have left out much of the scripture.

I know that can happen to anyone...anywhere...anytime.

But, as you know, God's Justice is more than tax evasion...His is more than any person would ever attempt...and where Old Testament laws would have harsh physical penalties on Earth...

No one who claimed to write these would have been so stern...they would only have threatened an "afterlife" of torment...not here penalties AND eternal penalties.

If a law is unjust...then at least we live in a country that can stand up for it.

Abuse of a law is different...

Man's and God's...