Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update: Dale Neumann

In May I told you about the death of Kara Neumann. She was murdered by her parents because they felt that praying to Jesus provided more hope to save their daughter than medical treatment for diabetes. The day she died, Kara became so weak that she collapsed to the floor and went into a coma. Even as Kara was dying her parents prayed and asked their friends and family to pray for her instead of calling 911.

Thanks, Jesus.

Kara's mother, Leilani, was convicted in May of second degree homicide. On August 1st her husband was also charged with the same crime. Both face up to 25 years in prison.

But here's the kicker. Dale's attorney, Jay Kronenwetter said, "Dale Neumann was doing what he thought would work for his daughter. He was administering faith healing. He thought it was working."

This little girl was dying for a month. She grew weaker and weaker every day, until she finally collapsed and went into a coma. And even then, Dale and Leilani thought praying would heal their daughter and save her from certain death. At which point did these murderers realize that Kara's "faith healing" wasn't working?

As far as I'm concerned everyone who prayed for Kara knowing she was being denied medical treatment instead of calling child protective services should be put on trial as well. How people like Kronenwetter can sleep soundly is a mystery.

Have fun in jail, Neumann's.

In related news, Daniel Hauser is continuing chemotherapy for his non-Hodgkins lymphoma by court order.

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Alanrd67 said...

I agree with you.

Please take some time to look up Justin Peter's ministry.

He has a mild case of cerebral palsey.

He has a critique of this type of assumptions that many have.

You will find it very informative.