Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kentucky census worker found hanged.

Last week I was offered a job with the census bureau as an assistant manager in State College. It's the first time I found true, meaningful work in well over a year, so you better believe I'm thrilled! But that thrill was somewhat diminished about ten minutes ago.

Part-time census worker, Bill Sparkman, was found dead hanging from a tree in Kentucky with the word "Fed" scribed on his body. There are conflicting reports whether the word was found on his belt or on his chest, as well as this truly has something to do with anti-gub'ment, right-wing conspiracy nutjobs.

If this does indeed have something to do with anti-government fear, mark my words - when all this alarmist rhetoric about the census dies down in 2011, those same right-wing nutjobs who can't find their collective asses with both hands and a road map are going to hail fear-mongers like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones as heroes.

This is getting scary.

Yeah, that's it, Glenn - unarmed people that are desperate for work and have no arms of any kind are going to walk up to your home and try to take your guns and owner's permit away. You're a loon.

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