Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Note to Christian creationists

Over at Ray's blog there has been this ongoing argument from creationists that goes something to the gist of "The following were scientists who believed in creation...". Then they proceed to produce a laundry list of creationists who have long been departed. If you're a creationist and this is a favorite tactic of yours, I have bad news for you. You have failed. Miserably.

Not one scientist who is alive today is going to take anything away from the work of the beautiful minds like those of Faraday, Copernicus, Mendel, or Kepler. Yet you seemingly live to shred the very fabric of the sciences as we know them today - namely evolutionary biology and Big Bang cosmology, two disciplines that have overwhelming evidence to support them.

So, listen up, you primates! (Yes, you're technically a primate.) Here are three reasons why this tactic of yours only makes you look stupid and naive.

1. For every one Christian creationist, I can give you 10 Muslim creationists who were making scientific discoveries that pre-dates Copernicus by at least 500 years. Many Muslims have put their signatures on chemistry, geography, astronomy, and perhaps most important, medicine. Are you willing to give these scientists the same credit that you are willing to give Mendel? I'm guessing no, simply because they weren't Christian.

For every one Christian creationist, I can give you 3 non-theists and agnostics who have made discoveries without the urge to "find God". It might be a surprise to you that it was a non-theist, Teddy Hall, who revealed the hoax of the Piltdown man. Yet, many of you love to sit in your ivory towers laughing at the idea that science is a self-correcting process, of which Hall is an example. But don't be too ready to applaud Hall just yet. It was he who also proved that the Shroud of Turin is a fraud as well.

It might also surprise you to know that every time you watch the space shuttle lift off, you can thank Jack Parsons for helping to make it possible. Jack Parsons was a genius when it came to aeronautics and rocketry. He was also a devout occultist and satanist.

2. Most of the scientists that creationists love to mention, like Babbage, Mendel, and Copernicus, have been dead for at least 100 years. When evolutionary biology was in its infancy, scientists were struggling to understand the diversity of life. They had little to go on except "God-did-it". All that changed when Darwin came along, and after 150 years of intense scrutiny his theory of evolution is still alive and well. And none of these scientists were alive when the Big Bang became a valid theory based on scientific fact.

Times have changed. 150 years ago, evolutionary biology was just emerging as a science, and not well-accepted by the scientific community. Now, over 95% of the scientific community accept evolution as fact. Sadly, Americans have been duped into believing creationism over science, when even a basic understanding of facts and a little detective work destroys creationism.

3. Just because you mention these scientists, it does nothing to detract from the validity of evolution or the Big Bang.

In short, you've done nothing more than make yourselves look like fools (again), and given us more ammo to beat you down with. But keep doing what you're doing. Someday the fact that creationism is garbage will begin to sink in. When that day comes, you will be well on your way to true academic and personal freedom.

Put this lame, tired argument to bed.

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