Thursday, January 14, 2010

Delusional Christianity

It's okay if you're a Christian. If you believe in Jesus, that's your business. It's personal to you, and you should keep it that way. And it's your constitutional right as an American to believe in anything you want, even if you believe that pigs can fly, unicorns exist, or there's a scared little man behind the curtain furiously pulling levers and spinning dials to keep you deluded and confused.

But when you start making claims that you can raise the dead, it's time to be tossed in jail before another Jonestown takes place. This guy makes Ray Comfort sound like the poster child for sanity and well-being. Is it too much to ask for video of said dead raising?

Funny, Jesus can use this dirtbag to raise the one child from the dead, but he can't save 15 million children from poverty, AIDS, and death by starvation every year.

The next time you're raising someone from the dead, please have a team of coroners, scientists, and a camera crew on site, asshole. In the meantime, please see a psychiatrist. Either that or join the human race and work on becoming a decent human being instead of providing false hopes and hocus-pocus to unsuspecting, desperate, and destitute citizens of the world.

In related news, Pat Robertson blames that the recent earthquake in Haiti on the Haitians. According to Robertson, the Haitians signed a deal with the devil when they fought for their freedom from France, hence they called down Gawd's wrath on their heads.

What do you expect from a psychopathic piece of shit like Pat Robertson? Thanks to White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs for shoving it back in Robertson's face.

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