Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surprise! Well, not really.

More hypocrisy and double standards from Wiley Drake.

You may recall that Wiley Drake is the Bible-thumping sleezebag that loves to pray for the deaths of those who have a difference of opinion, whether it's politics, health care reform, religious affiliation, or more specifically, abortion. He tried to credit himself for the death of George Tiller, and indirectly credit himself for the death of John Murtha. However, he has been kind enough to call off his imprecatory prayer hit on President Obama recently. That is, until he supposedly reveals that the president is actually Kenyan.

You may also recall that Robert Byrd died last month. Since Byrd was a known racist, pro-choice, and even supported partial-birth abortion, you would think that Drake would have called down lightning, locusts, hail, fire, brimstone, and a kitchen sink for good measure to try to send him on an express elevator to hell. Instead, Drake attempted to take credit for getting him into heaven.

You can understand my confusion, Wiley. You take credit for the deaths of other senators and congressman, and even call for a divine hit on all the Democrats in Congress for trying to give aid to Americans who otherwise can't afford it due to corporate greed. But you try to score brownie points with God by praying for someone who's a known racist to get them into heaven?

Very telling, Wiley. Very telling.

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