Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Follow-up: God rescues 33 miners in Chile. Wait. What?

Last week I left this post about 33 miners in Chile and the widely held belief that each person rescued was a miracle, which has thoroughly been trashed. But let's suppose for a moment that a miracle did happen in Chile last week.

Today, Chinese rescuers recovered the final 5 of 37 bodies that were trapped inside a mine near Yuzhou. It should be noted that China has a pretty bad track record for safety when it comes to mining. Now back to that miracle in Chile.

Why didn't a miracle happen in China today? Why didn't Jesus reach into the ground and save these 37 people as he did the 33 in Chile? No doubt, many if not most Christians will claim that China is an atheist country, and that these 37 men either had it coming or because they didn't accept Jesus before the explosion, God didn't hear their prayers. Such a God who choses not to answer the desperate prayer of a dying man is not worthy of admiration. If this is the god you serve, you can keep him.

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