Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glenn Beck mocks humanity

Just when I think Glenn Beck couldn't sink any lower depth of depravity and inhumanity, he proves me wrong. Again.

On September 29th, firefighters in South Fulton, TN refused to respond to a call to put out a fire that burned Gene Cranick's house to the ground. The local fire chief, David Wilds, stated that the reason no firefighters were dispatched is that he refused to pay an annual $75.00 fee for fire services. Cranick stated that he forgot to pay the fee. In reality, it doesn't matter whether he Cranick forgot to pay the fee or not. Also, the town's mayor, David Crocker (Republican, of course), is reported to have said "You're out of luck" to Cranick. Later that day, Cranick's son sustained an injury to his hand after knocking the living daylights out of Wilds.

Wilds' response to the whole situation? It was a "stressful" and "emotional" day. Cry for me. At least you and Crocker still have a house to live in.

Enter Glenn, who, along with trusty sidekick Pat Gray, mocked Cranick.

I seem to remember Beck talking about the finer points of "faith, hope and charity, the essential teachings of Christ." Where is your heart for charity now, Glenn? More importantly, where are the hearts of firefighters who took an oath to protect life and property, only to watch a fire burn down with three dogs and one cat inside? I can understand a filthy-rich, right-wing coward like Beck having no heart, but to be a firefighter and watch a house burn down?

I took the liberty to browse the Obion County website for directives of this stupid, inhuman policy that county executives have implemented. I came across this pdf and read this:

"The only rural property owners guaranteed to receive fire protection services are those who choose to pay for it. It they choose not to purchase an annual subscription and require fire protection services, they fall on the mercy of a municipal department who provide services on an as needed basis. When such occurs, the responding fire department normally provides those services without compensation."

In other words, David Wilds is a cold-hearted prick who simply chose not to do the right thing. Case closed. Also, although I can't find a reliable source, apparently Obion County firefighters must respond to calls, regardless of whether the $75.00 fee was paid or not. This story should never have made local news, other than firefighters were dispatched to put out a fire at the Cranick residence.

Anyway, I'm proud to live in a country where citizens in financially distressed areas are forced to pay a subscription fee in order to enjoy safety and security when it should be assumed as a common service to all, regardless of income.

Read more about Beck's so-called "charity" here.

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