Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The floor is yours, Charles.

Welcome to my blog, Charles. Here you are welcome to say anything you wish, no matter how offensive. I believe in Freedom of Speech, and that it applies to all, no matter how much I disagree with their point of view.

I do not delete comments from visitors who come to my blog. As I stated at the Huffington Post, if you come here, I expect you to challenge me with any topic you choose. If you do not respond to the post you are reading, you forfeit the right to call me a coward by default. But I don't expect you to say something to the gist of "Hey, I made it. Coward. See ya." A little more substance than the posts you leave at the HuffPo will be appreciated.

Without further delay, I yield the floor. You may pick any topic you wish for discussion.


Charles said...

OK Matt. First off, what planet do you reside on? You apparently have been completely unaware of the history on this one. I don't see God as a religion and believe that religion is a perversion of man's attempt at knowing Him or Her. Why I say it that way is because in Psalms it is proposed that neither man nor woman are example of He with the name no one can understand.

Matt said...

Hi Charles,

I live on Earth, just as you do.

I don't see God as a religion, either, Charles. However, I do believe that the stories, myths, symbolism, chants, incantations, temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, holy books, sacrifices, holidays, etc., are inspired by the concept of a Supreme Being(s), and all of those things comprise religions. Deities were created by cultures throughout the ancient world in an attempt so that those cultures could make sense of the world around them and the sky above them.

I believe that if there really is a God, He/She/It/They are *far* too great and dreadful for any one religion or culture to claim as their own.

What makes you believe that I don't understand history?