Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Duggars. Again.

Everytime I even hear the name "Duggar" my knuckles turn white and I grit my teeth. I don't know whether to shrug them off, laugh at them, take pity upon their kids, or take issue with their latest episode of inane bullshit.
As if their previous miscarriage wasn't enough to teach the halfwits known as Jim Bob and Michele Duggar that eventually, the female womb reaches a time that it just won't produce anymore children, these assholes have decided to give it a shot at having yet another kid.
You might remember my first post way back in 2008 about Jim Bob and the brain-washed sheep he calls a wife. In that post, I told you that he claims his house is a church and therefore claims tax-exempt status. Can you say crook, boys and girls? I knew you could.
I also told you that only the boys are allowed to attend college, meanwhile the girls are meant to stay at home with their slavemaster husbands and pump out a baby every nine months.
Do I lament for the child that would have been? Absolutely. Do I lament for Jim Bob and Michele? Absolutely not. They continue to ignore science, basic human biology and common sense for the sake of dogma, and continue pushing their parental duties upon kids who are still in grade school. Meanwhile, they continue to continue to be absolute media whores. Anything for a buck -- right, JimBo?
Michele, if you're reading this, stop being such a sheep and live your life for your children and not your abusive, scumbag husband.
If you're a child of the Duggars, do not live by your parents' example. They are frauds and charlatans, and have completely brainwashed you to the point that none of you have any hope of thinking for yourselves. You should be embarrassed and ashamed to call them parents.
If you're a member of the media, stop caving into these assholes everytime Michele gets knocked up. They're media pigs and can never get enough attention. The more spotlight you give them, the more it pisses me off. Stop wasting your time and energy on them because they don't deserve it. There are far greater people and issues to spend your time and energy on. Besides, all you're doing is encouraging even more charlatans to pursue the same path.
If you're an employee or executive at The Learning Channel (there's a joke), then do what TLC is supposed to be about -- learning! Any American with a brain and decency doesn't give a shit about:
  • Insecure mothers who live vicariously through their daughters by shamelessly parading them in front of cameras in skimpy, whorish outfits.
  • Somebody that ate to the point that they need to be lifted by a forklift after a hole was cut through their bedroom wall just to get to the hospital for emergency gastric bypass.
  • Somebody who's too lazy and/or chemically imbalanced to get off their ass and clean their home.
  • Somebody who has way too much time on their hands.
  • The mentally ill.
And they damned sure don't give a shit about the Duggars.
You might ask, "What difference does it make to you if the Duggars decide to have more kids?" to which my response is my eldest nephew. He's in his mid-20's and has impregnated his wife four times, going on five. They recently stated that they wish to have at least ten kids. The kicker is that he has no solid, full-time employment, no advanced education of any kind, yet parades himself around as an ordained Baptist minister. Even more, he receives $20/hr in compensation by local retirement homes because he continues to lie to them by convincing them that he's fully ordained and legally recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to spread his lies and dogma as a part-time job.
One of these days, the state will catch up to him and when it does, he will spending a long time inside a jail cell.
And where does my dear, brainwashed nephew and his wife get the idea of having so many children? Yep, you guessed it -- JimBo, Michele and the Quiverfull Movement. Oh, and the mass media that keep feeding him this crap which he readily gobbles up like candy.

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