Monday, February 9, 2009

An open letter to Christian Bale

I've been a fan of Mr. Bale's for some time now. The first movie I remember seeing him in is Reign of Fire. Then Equilibrium, Batman Begins, followed by The Dark Knight. I have to say, I've never seen him in a bad movie. His acting skills are more than convincing, and I think it's safe to say that most of us like him. But when I heard that assault charges were being brought against him by his own mother and sister, it raised my eyebrow. Surely, a guy who's at the top of his career wouldn't jeopardize it. "Nah," I thought. "His family is probably just jealous of his success."

Since then I haven't given it much thought. Until I heard this.

Bale has since apologized emphatically for his meltdown, blaming it on having a bad week. I think we've all had a bad week, but come on; verbally disemboweling a stagehand for moving a light post on a stage set isn't a slip up, or a mistake. It's embarrassing. States Bale, "Please, I am asking people, do not allow my onetime lapse in judgment, my incredibly embarrassing meltdown, to overshadow this movie...I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, 'Have they ever had a bad day and ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely?'"

Yes, I've had a bad day, but I've never taken out my frustrations out on someone with a 36 f-bomb meltdown. Which leads me to ask, are you truly sorry to this man that you ripped up one side and down the other, or are you just sorry because you got caught, and embarrassed yourself in front of the world?

The stark irony throughout this whole rant, is that Mr. Bale is threatening to kick this poor man's ass, calling him a prick, then asking if he's a professional.

You're an actor, Mr. Bale. Not a doctor, a policeman, scientist, or even a construction worker. You don't have the right to treat another human being as if he or she is your footrest. If you're going to rant at someone, save it for shooting films, not a stagehand who's just trying to put a roof over his head and food on his table.

Anyway, I'm sure your family must be proud. I'll be seeing the next Terminator when it comes out on late night cable. Thanks for ruining it for me.

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