Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parents ignore medicine; God gets a house call

A few days ago I came across this story in the WND, regarding a devout Catholic New York couple that have decided it would be best to forego their child's health by denying him a vaccination. Instead, they believe that vaccinations "represent fear, anxiety, and mistrust in God."

On behalf of the Bayport-Blue Point Union Free School District, Attorney David Cohen has been part of an ongoing battle with and Ron and Rita Palma over what has been called a "mandatory" vaccination. Nearly every question that Attorney Cohen asks the Palma's is met with stiff resistance and suspicion.

At one point in the video Cohen asks, "If God gave man the wherewithal to create these immunization agents, and the purpose of those is to combat disease, then why would using them represent a mistrust in God?"

"How do you know God gave the wherewithal to create them? How do you know the devil didn't?" was the reply that came from the defense.

Listening to people like this is like listening to dentist's drill on a chalkboard.

In related news, a Wisconsin couple are awaiting trial on the death of their daughter after being denied treatment for diabetes, opting instead to let God heal her. They're being charged with reckless endangerment. If convicted they're facing 25 years in prison.

Watch the Palma's embarrass themselves below.

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