Monday, February 2, 2009

Steelers win! Steelers win! Riot ensues!

The Steelers officially dominate the NFL once again. Tom Brady, if you wanna know what 6 Lombardi trophies standing side-by-side looks like, you gotta come to the Steel City, loser!

Message to the Steelers; don't you ever, ever, ever do that to me again! Suspense sucks. James Harrison, if you ever pull another circus sideshow display of testosterone like you did in the 4th quarter, you're officially banned from the Fathead Wall of Legends! Santonio Holmes, your last minute reception was truly *wipes tear away* awe-inspiring.

So, anyway, now that this part of my rant is over, I'm moving onto the next part of my rant.

I'm pissed again! Just like the post-Super Bowl victory in 2006, the trodglodytes in Oakland (section of Pittsburgh to you "foreigners") decided it would be cool to start a riot, so they took their collective aggressions out on a car and a defenseless couch by setting it ablaze. They weren't happy until this bonfire could be seen from space. Not only do they make my beloved City of Steel the embarrassment of the world, they embarrassed the Steeler Nation as well. If you're reading this, and you're the jackass spraying the lighter fluid all over the couch, I hope the can exploded in your face!

Now if some Steeler magic would just rub off on the Pens...

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