Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party protesters show their true colors

It's not about patriotism. It's not about standing up for what's right. It's not about compassion. It's not about a sense of duty. It's not even about health care anymore. It's simply about hate and fear of a black president. At least for some.

I'm angry today. I'm angry because I'd like to think that for all we have contributed to as a country and for as far as we've come, the hatred that some have for others just because of the color of their skin would have ended by now.

For all the talk we hear from right-wing troglodytes like Hannity and Beck about right vs. wrong, you would think that they and their braindead listeners would begin to distance themselves from the "grassroots" Tea Party clowns that spit on black members of Congress. You know, the same..."ahem"...grassroots organizations that are being well-funded like Dick Armey's FreedomWorks? Yeah - real grassroots, guys.

It's only Sunday, March 21st, but I can almost guarantee you that by Sunday, March 28th, no right-wing talking head will condemn, nor distance themselves, from the hate-fest that took place yesterday in DC.

What are you going to talk about this week, Sean? Are you going to tell your listeners that there's a socialist in the White House who's trying to destroy the country? What about you, Glenn? Are you going to stir up a hornets nest by claiming health care should be for only those who can afford it and screw everyone else? Or are you going to claim that the health care bill is going to kill grandma and grandpa? Meanwhile, the cost of health care premiums in California are sky-rocketing, ensuring that some will lose their benefits because they can't afford them. Did you mention this to your listeners, Rush? I didn't think so. After all, it's all about the money, right?

While Mike Pence and Michele Bachman were out in full force addressing and supporting the teabaggers, much credit needs to be given to Michael Steele, who condemned racially charged actions and statements at the rally. Time will tell if the rest of the Republican party will follow suit.

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