Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yet more right-wing violence

You right-wingers with your religion and your guns. Silly rabbits!

Yep, even more violence from right-wing, religious nuts was being planned across Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. These guys were planning on killing law enforcement agents by the dozens. That is, until the FBI caught wind of what they were up to and put the kibosh on their plans.

Wait, let me guess. These would-be assassins weren't really Christians, right?

Let me ask you something. If a Muslim attempts to blow up a marketplace at the busiest time of day but was captured just before the event took place, and another Muslim says to you, "He/she was never really a Muslim,"would you believe them? Of course you wouldn't. Besides, their justification for their actions can be found in the Qur'an, right?

Why then, whenever a Christian murders a child for suspected witchcraft you simply shrug it off by saying the braindead mantra, "They were never Christians"? Chew on that for a while.

What I find amusing about these terrorist scumbags is that they were supposedly fighting against tyranny, only to tuck their tails between their legs and surrender at the first sign of an FBI badge. Courageous. Riiiiiiight.

Again, you clowns on the right have the audacity to be offended by the fact that the DHS revealed you for the terrorist thugs you are? Please. You know no shame or honor.

Are you listening, Mr. Beck? Are you paying attention to the news? How does it make you feel that your clones are taking up arms with the intention of killing law enforcement agents by the dozens? At least be honest with yourself, Glenn. You couldn't give a shit about the average American who's struggling to make ends meet. You're swimming in so much money that the term "health care" is absolutely meaningless to you. You couldn't care less about freedom, nor the safety of Americans, let alone health care. Eh, fuck them. Right, Glenn? Sink or swim. Right, Glenn? It's all about ratings, after all.

Keep beating that hornet's nest, Glenn. The more innocent people die at the hands of far right-wing lunatics, the more bloody your hands become.

As for you losers who think you're heroes by running around in the woods with an AR-15 in your hands, you're nothing but pondscum hiding behind the mask of religion. Have fun in jail, losers.


millerdo said...

Did you see that some of their outrage was prompted by a fabricated internet story?


Matt said...

Yep, I heard. Just looking at these people *screams* intelligence. Ha!