Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beck on Democratic leaders: "Shoot them in the head!"

Not even two weeks after a Democratic leader was shot at point-blank range in the head, a video turned up that featured right-wing troglodyte Glenn Beck, exclaiming that "radicals" in the Democratic party need to be shot in the head. This is the same Glenn Beck that was forced to pull this image of him brandishing a handgun at his website that also states "We must stand together against all violence." Beck's level of hypocrisy is astonishing as always. Who he thinks he's trying to fool, other than his listeners, is a mystery. Watch this clip below in which he incites yet more fear and loathing among his braindead fans.

And you clowns on the right wing cry foul on the left and moderates? How can you sleep at

By the way, Glenn, Hitler wasn't a communist. Socialist perhaps, but not a communist. You would figure that someone with your superior intellect would understand such things instead of relying on the need to lie to your listeners.

In related news, rightwing bloggers are calling for Gabrielle Giffords' resignation just as she leaves the hospital. Great timing, guys! Instead of celebrating the fact that she's already on her feet, you'd rather see her resignation? Let's give her a couple months to further recuperate and let her decide whether or not it's time for her to retire. Besides, how many conservatives were beating down the doors of the White House calling for Reagan's resignation when Hinckley tried to take him out?

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