Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church

Just when I try again to find a place in my life where I can co-exist with the faithful, I am given a not-so-subtle reminder that there are some people in this world that all of us need to stand up against and fight.

This message is for Fred Phelps and members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

It is not enough for any of you to go far out of your way to protest the funerals of fallen service members and further destroy the hearts of the broken-hearted in mourning.

It is not enough for any of you to enjoy your constitutional rights, then kick those who provide that right to you in the face and insult them as they die.

It is not enough for any of you to brainwash those around you, including your children, to think exactly the way you do.

It is not enough for any of you to inflict injury to those who have a different perspective or sexual orientation, while falling just short of murdering them yourselves.

It is not enough for any of you to abuse your First Amendment rights at the emotional detriment of others.

It is not enough for any of you to distort the Bible in order to justify your own stupidity and evil.

No, none of these acts are despicable and hateful enough for any of you, so you have to take your dog and pony from Topeka to Tuscon in order to display to the world just how deep the roots of your hatred grow. Now that the intoxicating effects of wishing death upon homosexuals, and adding insult to injury to others is are wearing off, you turn your sites to the family of a little girl who has fallen in a nightmare of brutality -- a little girl who never did a damned thing to any of you.

And the only reason any of you showed up to protest her funeral at all is because she was raised Catholic, and didn't believe exactly as you do.

So you offer to refrain from protesting her funeral in exchange for air time in which you can spew more of your hate. How is this a fair exchange? A little girl loses her life, you decide to picket her funeral, while celebrating a mass murderer and wishing he could have killed more. Young or old, black or white, Jew or Muslim, atheist or Christian, it doesn't matter to you because they don't believe exactly as you do.

There's a part of me that even wonders why I'm writing this in the first place because it's a waste of energy. You know no conscience, remorse, pity, sorrow, or even the slightest hint of humanity. There's no hope that it will pique the better of your emotions and cause you to consider the harm you've done, and will do to others. You couldn't care less about your victims as long as you get to score what you perceive as brownie points with God. That part of me also knows that all of the combined skills, intellects, and talents that you have amount to little more than a pimple on the ass of society. It also knows that you deserve nothing more than to be laughed at, scorned and ridiculed.

At the same time, there's a part of me that realizes that all of you have been lied to at the hands of a megalomaniacal sociopath, and there's still hope for you, especially your children.

Perhaps one of the most maddening aspects of your rhetoric is that you love the violence that is visited upon those who disagree, but the moment someone smashes your windshields with a brick you're utterly shocked by it.

What possible good could any of you hope to achieve by even contemplating this? How you can sleep soundly at night, wake in the morning and look your hideous reflection in the mirror and not be horrified is a mystery that no person of sound mind and reason will ever comprehend.

What must it be like to live in a world where all you see is absolute evil? When was the last time you appreciated a soft spring rain? When was the last time you smiled at the first snow fall of winter? When was the last time you truly smiled at the beauty of a child's smile and laughter? When was the last time you absolutely marveled at the site of a hawk in flight, or found even a brief moment of happiness and laughter as two squirrels bicker and chase each other through a forest? When was the last time you smiled an honest, pure smile without even the slightest hint of maniacal insanity?

When I think of you, I think of a group of vampires that drink the blood of the innocent and broken-hearted in order to sustain their own miserable existence, because they have no life of their own. When I think of you, there is no word in any language in the known Universe to accurately describe how evil, putrid and despicable all of you are.

If I ever encounter you, I will stand against you, shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm with Christians, agnostics, atheists and send you back to that toilet of a third-world hell hole you call a church. Long after you're gone, you and your followers will be relegated to the ash heap of history, and your name will only incite righteous anger and contempt.

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