Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video filled with jackassery causes stir.

A police officer with the Harmony Area High School District has been placed under administrative review after a video he produced was viewed by many parents of the surrounding communities.

The video stars Troy Fritz, who plays a wrestler/psycho/juvenile running around a high school committing acts of violence. Among the acts of violence, two gunmen firing blanks at victims in a hallway, and a woman with her throat slit.

Of course, Mr. Fritz's defenders poured out of the woodwork, claiming it's not a big deal, no one was hurt, lighten up, etc., to which I respond, this man had a gun in a high school. Blanks or not, I do believe that is against the law. I don't know which is more shocking; the idea that someone films mock murder scenes in high school halls, or the fact that an adult is running around in a yellow wrestling outfit. I'm sure his parents must be proud.

Read more about this story here. Click here to watch this cinematic stinkburger.

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