Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey, Joe!

Dateline: June 26th, 2009, Wausau, WI.

Sam Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber, has popped his head up recently, only to get it thumped again. In a speech he delivered at an event called, "Pints and Politics," Wurzelbacher demonstrated why this man should never be allowed within a 10 mile radius of a microphone.

"Obama right now is talking about, he can generate more revenue by taxing the top 2 to 3 percent of Americans. Well, you know, that's immoral. Just because someone's worked hard, gotten ahead -- it's not your money." Joe continued, "They [The Founders] knew socialism doesn't work. They knew communism doesn't work."

Uh, Joe? Neither of these concepts existed during the lives of the Founders.

As much as I hate taxes, I have to admit they're a necessary evil, something Joe doesn't seem to grasp. Without taxes, there would be no roads, bridges, social programs, or even military.

Will someone please introduce this clown to a economic history book?

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