Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Limbaugh: "exercise freaks...putting stress on the health care system"

I just love when Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth and blathers on about things he doesn't understand. If only his listeners could think for themselves.

In the June 11th edition Limbaugh's radio program, he stated that people who exercise regularly put undue strain on national health care. Apparently, Rush took exception to comments from President Obama when he said, "If we can get somebody first of all who is overweight to lose weight so they don't become diabetic, we save money."

Diabetes costs Americans over $27 billion a year. What's worse is that it's preventable. But true to form, Limbaugh tossed logic and reason aside for the sake of political identity. I'm starting to think that Limbaugh would hack off his own arm with a rusty butter knife than find common ground with his political opponents.

Hit the play button to hear Rush's response:

Let's take a look at the facts, Rush.

  • According to the CDC, $475 billion will be spent on heart disease in 2009. Things that contribute to the increase in heart disease in America are use of tobacco products, a crappy diet, and little or no activity.
  • The use of tobacco products alone contributes to ~$200 billion in unnecessary health costs. Chugging on tobacco products the way you do is not a good idea if you want to fight heart disease, Rush.
  • About $93 billion is spent every year on complications due to obesity.
  • In 2008, the overall cost of diabetes was ~$27 billion.
  • The cost of physical inactivity also takes a toll on the workplace. In 2007, over $58 billion in revenue was lost due to illnesses and other complications due to physical inactivity and poor health.

However, injuries sustained during sports or recreation are about $117 billion. Which is more costly?

It's truly astonishing how out of touch this man really is. Leave it up to Limbaugh to slam those who are passionate about life enough to get out of their house and go do something with their lives. Maybe if you got off your ass once in a while instead of eating painkillers like candy and chomping on cigars every 10 minutes, you might start to feel better, Rush.

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